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The uniqueness of India lies in its rich cultural heritage, it is a store house of beauty, tradition, art and culture, like India Indian cultural paintings are historic and unique, viewers always gained a lot of pleasure from Indian paintings.

Humans have tried to communicate ideas and express passions through painting since the ancient time, Tribal art has its origin in the cave paintings and folk art draws inspiration from Indian mythology, the purpose of art in ancient India was more than to decorate the walls, each painting had a story to narrate, ancient Indian art was appealing to naked eye, but cultural painting have sometimes been considered less important, Artadmire wants to enhance and keep alive the rich Indian painting by creating awareness.

Artadmire.com is an online art gallery based in Bangalore. Through Artadmire.com we have created an online art gallery of affordable Indian arts, ranging from cultural and folk to contemporary art. You can get good options to buy paintings online in reasonable price from our art gallery.

Artadmire.com provides art lovers, buyers, art collectors and interior designer opportunity to view and buy original artwork directly from the site. Artadmire.com brings you the best of painting art from various part of India. The artwork is guaranteed to be of good quality, every single artwork as well as artist has been chosen carefully.

Artadmire brings you the best of painting art form from various parts of India. Our mission is to present Indian cultural and modern art in a way that is quite unique. Artadmire provides a platform for various artists to show their talent and share their collections.

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